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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY15,000

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Jp 日本語

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Thank you for visiting our website. My name is Aya Ichizuki. I usually work as a manga artist, manga assistant, and illustration. Basically, it is in the form of being able to contact except in the middle of the night. Right now, I have a main job, and I am drawing illustrations in my spare time. Please feel free to contact us if you like it. I will do my best to draw a satisfying illustration, thank you.

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Character Design. Insects, drawing of meals.


He has been a manga assistant for 8 years. I was mainly an assistant for shojo manga and shōnen manga. Illustrations have been ordered by Frontier Works for about 3 years from 2015, and from 2020 by Coconala. I have been active as a manga artist since 2021. I am accepting illustrations and assistant work during the gap time.


* The following content requires consultation, and in some cases we may decline.・ 18 prohibited elements ・ Political or antisocial things. Thank you again. * Retakes are accepted twice for each of rough and fair copy data. Additional retakes will be charged 2000 yen as a plus fee unless there is a fault here. Please contact us if you want to retake from 1 with a clean copy after the rough is OK. * The transfer of copyright is basically double the order fee.

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