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Nice to meet you. My name is yamamotoako and I am an illustrator living in Osaka. I mainly work on illustrations for female and infant families. We also provide illustrations for WEB and YouTube advertisements, illustrations for books, GIF animation, and video production. Regardless of the medium, we are active in various industries and a wide range of fields. We are trying to make a good deal with each other. Please feel free to contact us by message. We welcome your purchase after considering a quote and hearing. I look forward to working with you. 《Production environment》 Photoshop, CLIPSTUDIO are used for drawing, AfterEffect, PremierPro is used for Illustrator video production, and InDesign is used for Animete books.

  • Creator ID:29059
  • Gender:Female
  • Age:29y.o.
  • Career:4year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within a week


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Illustration illustration GIF animation video illustration banner creation game illustration


2008 ... Entered high school, general modeling department oil painting major. Learn the basics of art. 2011 ... Entered the Department of Animation, Faculty of Manga, University. Learn graphic expression and design. 2017-2018 ... Joined as a bag designer (permanent employee) at a manufacturer company. Mainly in charge of ladies' bag planning, bag design, catalogs, general sales promotion design, etc. 2018 ... Independent as a personal production and freelance illustrator.


Unless otherwise requested, the copyright (and moral rights) of the produced illustrations belongs to illustrator yamamotoako. If you have any questions or if the applicable usage example is unclear, please contact us.

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