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Moe-style Illustration

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Jp 日本語

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I have been working as an illustrator for a year. I will draw all the single-picture illustrations that can be used for covers, illustrations, SNS, video illustrations, etc. | It takes a minimum of 3 days from receiving a request to delivery! If you are in a hurry, please ask! | I am good at simple animation. You can also draw a background that matches the theme. | I would be happy if you could help people who suddenly needed an illustration to imagine, or even if they were not in a hurry, they could help with the character setting images and SNS icons that customers had in mind. | We try to respond promptly and politely. I try to convey an easy-to-understand image to customers at the rough drawing stage. Please feel free to ask! We look forward to hearing from you regardless of the application or medium, so please feel free to contact us by direct message. [Service specifications at basic charge] Exhibit content: From bust-up of one character to whole body (please tell us if you have any request) Background: Transparent or single color (background will be charged an additional fee) Delivery size: 1000 x 1000px ( (Can be changed if desired) Resolution: 350dpi Delivery format: JPG or PNG [Transaction flow] (1) Hearing / estimate of desired content * Please tell us your desired details from the direct message ↓ (2) Purchase * Payment method Please contact us ↓ ③ Confirmation of rough image * Correction is free up to 3 times ↓ ④ Confirmation of completed image * Small correction of color and atmosphere is free up to 5 times ↓ ⑤ Illustration delivery

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  • Career:1year(s)
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Anime illustrations


⚠ Precautions ⚠ ・ Acts such as self-made remarks and secondary distribution are NG, and the copyright is not transferred.・ Cannot be used against antisocial forces or public order and morals.・ Delivery data may be posted on the website or SNS as actual results.

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