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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY14,000

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Jp 日本語




I am good at drawing cute female characters. I am good at coloring animation, so there are many glittering illustrations. In addition, I have been drawing manga along with illustrations for over 15 years. There are more than 90 douujinshi published in the past, and all of them are published by early discount, so please leave it to us to keep the deadline. You can check the published doujinshi at the following URL. https://six-alchemy.com/circle.html In the past, I worked as a graphic artist for adult games, so I will take responsibility for the work until the end. Currently, I am also active as a video creator. I'm posting a live video using Voiceroid. https://www.nicovideo.jp/user/529407/video We will do our best to meet your expectations when you work, so thank you.

  • Creator ID:28120
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:17year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within a week






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Coterie writer


KADOKAWA "Love Live!" Comprehensive Magazine Support Special Issue "Illustration Contribution ASCII Media Works" Love Live! Sunshine !! Comic Anthology 2 "8P manga posted. Media Factory posted a 12-page manga in "High School Fleet Anthology". 8P manga published in "Girls und Panzer Anthology" by Media Factory. 8P manga published in "Non Non Biyori Anthology" by Media Factory. Responsible for a set of mini character CG in the adult game "Unfortunate Sister and Happiness Theory" Several CG sets of character standing pictures of the DMM distribution game (currently out of service)


・ R-18, R-18G, and male characters are basically not accepted. (Men are OK only for mini characters ・ Self-made remarks and secondary distribution are prohibited. (Additions and processing are OK. ・ Refunds are not accepted after delivery. ・ If there is a material you want to use at the time of creation・ Please consider the copyright. ・ For commercial use, please contact us for copyright transfer. ・ We will post the production results on SNS, portfolio, etc. If not possible, please let us know. ・ 3 days If you do not contact us, we will deliver it in the state at that time.

Currently, this creator is not available for new projects. Please consider to find other creators.
If you want to know the situation of this artist, please contact us.

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