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Moe-style Illustration

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Jp 日本語


My name is xyna and I am an illustrator. We are currently looking for a job. We will undertake SNS icons, headers, single pictures for videos, etc. I am good at copyright illustrations mainly for girls, but there is no problem with the original. Please feel free to contact us. ◆ Flow of delivery ◆ 〇Consultation / estimate of request First of all, please let us know by message. I would like to know more about the illustration you want. ⇩ 〇 Sending rough We will send rough. You can retake up to 2 times. ⇩ 〇 Sending illustrations We will send illustrations. You can make simple corrections such as color and atmosphere up to twice. ⇩ 〇 Delivery will be delivered as soon as the illustration check is completed. If you leave the detailed items of the illustration to us, 〇Size ... Icon: 800x800px, Illustration ... A4 size (2,894 x 4,093px) 〇Resolution ...350dpi 〇Format ... JPG.

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Copyright girl illustration


◆ Notes ◆ 〇 If you cannot contact us for a certain period of time after delivery, the transaction may be completed at that point. 〇The created illustrations may be posted on the sample image column or SNS / HP. 〇Rough and delivery may be delayed depending on the number of corrections. 〇 We will refuse any major corrections after completion. 〇We will only respond to any inadequacies in the illustrations after delivery.


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