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Jp 日本語

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Nice to meet you. 25%. I am active as a freelancer. We accept requests from companies and individuals, so please feel free to contact us. For a quotation, please indicate the details of the project and the estimated amount. I am good at full-color illustrations and illustrations with background perspective. [Skill] Adobe Illustrator 4 years Adobe Photoshop 4 years SAI SAI2 10 years CLIP STUDIO PAINT PRO & EX 3 years (currently CLIP main tool)

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Game Illustration Character Design Moe Illustration


[Project] ・ Doujin CD package illustration ・ Original character Standing picture ・ Illustration for making video ・ Video distribution site Header image ・ SNS icon etc …… Illustration creation experience with direction Started in earnest as a freelance illustrator from 2021

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