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Moe-style Illustration
Illustrations for Games

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Jp 日本語



Illustrations are working on basic digital.

Software we are using, PhotoshopCS4 and SAI.
Pattern design for women is the main, manga series, SD characters is possible.

What if you know the details and even the pattern closer to it can be changed.
Favorite genre is a boy manga series, women-friendly, girl-friendly game, MoE and bishōjo game series of illustrations, etc. Please feel free to consult it.

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MoE, cartoon pictures, girl-friendly /SD your character


Cartoon school after graduation, otome game, Ganga, a wide variety of genres was like draw game original drawings and illustrations caused by work and study CG images by myself while working part-time.

Currently, we work centered on mobile games.

2010.6 28 MoE Android market, puzzle 1 within the puzzle picture one delivery
2010.7.18 Mobile site ' town ☆ Carre '. standby delivered 1 piece
2010.8.23 Mobile site ' town ☆ Carre '. standby delivered 1 piece
2010.927 Mobile site ' town ☆ Carre '. standby delivered 1 piece GREE in the 2011.1.27 mobile site 'ギジンカ Club Prince ☆ Cafe' color and original creations-like 2011.3.
4 Mobile site GREE in on graduation ceremony of the Prince who painted GREE in the original creation-like 2011.4.22 mobile site 'poke ☆ Kore personifies beauty card battle ~ Inc. in blue in card illustration number
2011.5-Mobile games (mixi, GREE and mobage) Dragon Wars (AOI promotion like ) card illustrations ( Hijikata, Hideyoshi, Okita )
 2011.5-6 Months later. In the teams kick-off!
Samurai Warriors Chronicle ( character illustration Princess Gazza, other warlords illustrations, other items ) end September 2012
2012 February launch commercial-like souvenir stuff MoE キャラパッケージノキャラ pictures, etc.
2/2012 ( co., setsabcdtopicsclick you like ) Active sound drama bad Castle welcome!
Character design
June at the Lancers individuals like アンドロイドアプリゲ home for MOE characters (cover picture, creating a logo)
In June-July, individuals like Googleplay for illustration and icon request

August-September in the first design in individuals who request MoE series 1 characters 2 ポーズイラスト creation
3/2013 Frontier agents like via iPad game item illustrations 7 point production
3/2013 In Wonderland app 2 go some character illustration Inc. TERUYA 8/30/2013 Delivery start go see reported!

Love letter "characters and other background illustrations set ( co., setsabcdtopicsclick you like ) And other 8/2013 current and other statements that are without a job, etc. We also.


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