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I draw illustrations with three things, "emotional," "cute," and "cool." Specifically, it uses abundantly both bright colors and calm and quiet colors, and finishes with tones, so it is a fashionable illustration like a Japanese manga like a poster of the American comics. We will meet the expectations of those who are looking for "emo and cute" designs for teens and 20s, such as icon, shop posters and fashionable image designs for band drive announcements. We also support smartphone cases and desktop wallpaper designs as much as possible in order to respond to requests for fashionable items that are not available around us. We will make regular reports so that there will be no discrepancy with the client's request.

  • Creator ID:27619
  • Gender:private
  • Age:19y.o.
  • Career:0year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Magazine cover design, CG for games (2D), live announcement poster, smartphone vega three, desktop wallpaper


・ The work will be published as a creator's portfolio unless it is requested to be private or the copyright is transferred.・ In order to avoid inconsistencies with clients and get closer to the desired product, we will report the progress at least once a week.・ For requests for copyright transfer, consultation is required for the fee.


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