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Hello! ! My name is Miki! Commemorative ceremony of 20 years old. On the day of the ceremony, of course, I want to stick to the pre-shooting. And it's the only opportunity for many to wear a kimono. If you want to shoot with your pet or friends with your family, of course, we are looking forward to your message. ★ Can be delivered the next day from the shooting date! ★ Request OK the day before (if there is a vacancy in the schedule) The schedule in January still has vacancy. We look forward to your reservation. We released the schedule for May! In each and every second, you forget everything important and casual. . . I still don't want to forget about the cuteness of my child, the joy of crying, and the days of the extraordinary family. I want to remember just where I took the photo. Looking back, I would like to leave a family photo like a reward, where I can work hard happily on various things. I mainly work on portrait photography such as profile photos, exclusive photos, family photos and bridal photos. 10 years of photography experience. Even now, two magazines are working exclusively on photography. Of course, we also accept sports photography, event photography, pet photography, food photography, etc. Thank you very much! [Q & A] Q. I would like to make corrections and retouches. A. We will remove all color corrections, trimmings, and extraneous items from all photos we deliver. Q. Can you receive it even if the shooting location is far from the nearest station? A. Yes. There is a car, please contact us once. Q. I want a print photo, is it possible? A. Print photos are also available if you wish along with the data. I can estimate it according to the size and the number. Q. I want to shoot in the studio. Is it possible? A. Unfortunately, we don't have a studio, but you can use a strobe to shoot just like you did in a studio. Model ● Camera Canon Eos 5dmarkⅢ ● Lens Canon 24-105㎜ f4 24㎜ f2.8 50㎜ f1.8 85㎜ f1.8

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  • Gender:Male
  • Age:32y.o.
  • Career:0year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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