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Thank you for visiting this page. Through weekly, bimonthly, and monthly publications, color assistants for boys and youth magazines, backgrounds and finishers in analog and digital, coloring of games, etc. I work. We have a history of requesting various companies in the past (game companies, animation companies, manga editorial departments, etc.). For the past few years, I have been eating mainly with character designers. ◇◇◇◇◇ As a business manner, emoticons, symbols such as (laugh) and (explosion) are not used correctly. Some companies may have no problem, but some people may feel very uncomfortable. For this reason, please do not use emoticons or symbols when placing an order.

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Illustration Game Illustration Cartoon Character Design Weapon Design Costume Design


■ One comic book ■ COMIC CITY Tokyo 137 Pamphlet door picture ■ Manga reading through! "Akabla no Notsuki" and other 2 works released ■ Narumido publication "Obake no Meiro Asobi Ω" Illustration in the maze, etc. ■ Ups Jaypee "Otome Hack" Constellation Four frames ■ World Culture Inc. "Kira ☆ Kawa Girls Collection" Number of cuts ■ Consigned by Otogi Yugi / Manga cartoon for men ■ Illustrations for mobile content x4 character designs, character designs x6, comics x6, single-sheet painting, etc. (This name will not be disclosed due to the request of the other party.) ■ Denyusha Co., Ltd. Mobile game original picture, character design, etc. ■ Chungsoft Co., Ltd. “Soul Quest” ■ OFFICE ARIA 20 Ryoma Sakamoto & Oryo illustration (local things) ) ■ Mobile content related (including comics) ■ Ideal Link Co., Ltd. Mobile content Character design ■ Manga for the general public (Youth comic series) ■ Goma Books “Ikemen Sengoku Busho Emotion” ■ Foot Co., Ltd. “Blade Chronicle” BCO plan illustration of 100 people ■ Mobile content item production Several points including the following works ■ Beautiful girl games and event CG coloring ■ Overseas illustration related ■ Manga live original exhibition at Sakai International Book Fair (Tokyo Big Sight), System Consultants Co., Ltd. (reproduction original + FC card distribution) ) + Clear file logo design ■ Comics color × 7 books ∟ 9 May currently in a state that does not know what books worth 2006. It is increasing. What you received as a request and what you were in charge of. ■ Beauty salon plate design) ■ TCG weapon design ■ Other colors, scenario (original) provided, etc. ■ Mobile content related (illustrations and for women) ■ Beautiful girl games and event CG coloring ■ Manga for commercial companies ■ Quinrose Heart of Alice Official anthology Manga 8 pages ■ au official e-book site (illustration, for women) ∟ This picture is a voluntary bot, but this is also possible. ■ Oizumi Shoten "Drawing-style Manga Drawing Practice Book-Body, Body-" 2 CGs ■ WAFFLE "Maid and the Magician" ∟ Other companies, some girl coloring such as beautiful girls (including adults) *** [Other] ■ Several women's and boys' comics competitions, and has passed the final selection in the series of boy comics. There are also comics published in youth magazines (this is all analog finishes and I forgot to copy them before submission, so I can't show the manuscripts ...).


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