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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY30,000

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Jp 日本語

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Although I have little experience as a freelancer, I am active mainly on moe-style illustrations. Up until now, it was an activity centered on individual clients, but I've registered with Skillots this time to expand my career. Twitter, which is also an effective public relations tool, has a slightly larger number of followers, so it is possible to spread information on the client's products to many people. If you like the illustrations in the work registration section, please request them.

  • Creator ID:25240
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:private
  • Career:3year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within 3 months


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Illustrations for games Illustrations for posters Illustrations for goods Product packaging illustrations (Moe-based) Character design Moe-type illustrations


After graduating from university, he paused and then resumed working as a freelance illustrator. We are working mainly on the style of collecting illustrations from individual clients on Twitter and producing requested illustrations. Experienced in creating standing pictures for videos posted on video sites. Although it was basically an activity centered on individual clients, we received orders for a fee, not free of charge or volunteers.


・ It is the field that is best at moe-type illustrations. ・ Many characters can be produced as well as female characters. ・ Characters can be designed from scratch and produced as works.・ Erotic elements can be included in the illustrations, but sexual expressions equivalent to R-18, grotesque expressions (including Gore elements), and other violent expressions will be NG.


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