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Thank you for viewing my profile. My name is Aomi Create Yoshikawa. Below is a list of backgrounds and possible tasks. [Career]-Five years of design history-Working as a graphic designer at a restaurant and event company by December 2017-Working as a freelance designer from 2018 to the present-[Practical content] <Design related>-Logo production- Flyer production / flyer production / poster production / menu production / business card production <Illustrated> ・ Character production / LINE stamp production / portrait production restaurant, restaurant, cafe, event, startup, radio, music, salon, etc. Many logo designs I am working on For food and drink, we will provide a complete set of necessary designs such as signs, menus, business cards, flyers, etc. We look forward to your work consultation.

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We provide high quality design with our clients


We provide high quality design with our clients


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