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Jp 日本語


We will create animations such as video ads on webCM and twitter. Please make contents of about one page into animation at the time of the comic release and use it as a web advertisement. In the case of a 15-second CM at a resolution that assumes viewing on a mobile device, ¥ 100,000 ~ is used as a guide. ※ If it is an original pattern, it can correspond to a wide range of patterns such as real head, dot, comical, etc., but if it is possible to leave it with a slightly thicker line than TV animation, it is possible to create a little cheaper as described above.

  • Creator ID:24707
  • Gender:Male
  • Age:private
  • Career:5year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:Within 3 days


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・ Mr. Ueno is clumsy (2019) Original picture of the ED of 2 episodes-11 episodes ・ Material creation and photography (except for the thickly-painted illustrations of episodes 4 and 5 · 9 and 8 walks) Main cut 10 original drawings, other original paintings + photography About 10 cuts Cooking program logo design ・ Pacman style game screen ・ Dorakue style game screen BD, CD, original picture of copyright (I am working supervision) ・ Cinderella Girls Theater (2019) BD, CD, original picture of partial copyright (work The main story original picture number of cuts / weak acid million Arthur (2018-19) https://youtu.be/9pXYMKGG6NI the main story original animation / photography (# 49 · 53 · 57 · 66 · 67 · 71) ED Hara Animation ・ shooting case game style ED (# 49) (other than the following # 50-60 is UI only) The semi-maroon hero collaboration times game ED (# 57) I have no such sense of value anymore ED (# 66) Regards Mambo dance ED (# 65) ・ raccoon dog and fox (2018) https://youtu.be / CaYdWBPapkg all story original picture, photography


■ Available software CLIP STUDIO PAINT · After Effects · Animate CC · Photoshop (You can also work on the basics of Premiere · Illustrator · Audition)

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