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Jp 日本語


Nice to meet you, My name is Taiko Taji, a composer and arranger. We provide music to idols and singers, offer BGM to corporate PV and games, and create music as Bocalo P. The field can be widely produced from rock using guitar, POP from anison, EDM, etc. For budget and delivery time for music production, please consult each time or specify your budget first and place an order. (Example of the past)-Idol-like music composition composition arrangement arrangement: 60,000 yen-game theme music lyric composition arrangement including: 70,000 yen composition only: 30,000 yen I think that I can support the future activity of the customer Please feel free to contact us. My best happiness is to be able to make better works that each other is convincing. << reference music >> [Japanese style lock] Name: Over Forte (YouTube upload version) https://youtu.be/YbNo0Q-ecfs [lock] Name: Over Forte (YouTube upload version) https://youtu.be/ YeTC4h10Nlg 【Oscare lock (alias right)】 Author name: Odora https://youtu.be/tNnJpYMLExg Come on, it is fortunate if you can consider. Thank you very much.

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Over Forte名義、ボーカロイド楽曲となります。

Over Forte名義、ボーカロイド楽曲となります。

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Songwriting arrangement, arrangement, guitar, hammering, rock, pop, anison flavor, EDM, dance music


2015 Tokyo Polytechnic University Faculty of Arts Image Department Graduated from the recent production results July 31, 2018 coterie game production circle studioLuna like "I wish you a wish" Over Forte OP movie production in the name of Over Forte June 27, 2018 Idol Group Payrin's 1st album "But our breathing does not stop" To the national distribution board Music offer in the name of Over Forte 2018 October 8 Singing hand Yuku-like original music "Rurikarakusa" Music offer in the name of Odora December 2018 Sun Over Fort Nominee distributes the best album in the comic market [past results] 2014 "3rd Art Islands TOKYO International Contemporary Art Exhibition" Participates in Taji Daiki nominee, provides music in the name of Over Forte in the workshop. In March 2015, director Hoshinoma, special effects movie work “Space Cosmic Monster Numagirus”, joined by monster sound effects. << Representative award history of Noumagiras >> [G-Fes (held in the United States)] [National Monster Movie Chofu Tournament: Winning] The same month the same month published by Hiroshi Tomita Theatrical work "Futari, Two revisits" The song during the play is provided as Over Forte. << "Two, Two Reminiscences" Representative Awards History >> [Screening at the Asia International Film Festival Busan] [Nagaoka Indies Competition: Encouragement Prize] 2015 Contemporary Art Artist Sponsored by Lee Yong-soo For video work, provided music under the name of Taiji Daiji. 2016 Reno 69, Singing brother-sponsored live event "JUKEVOX: 03" Produced synchronized sound source for part of live at UME name. Produced by companion company music by Teiji Taiji in the “Senior Effects” PV, “Oideka!” Volume 2 released by Heroes, Inc. produced in 2016 by director Takayuki Hosnum. 2016 Fortune company "inova" In charge of cover arrangement of event use music in the name of Over Forte. Production Studio "啟"


・ We also accept orders for only guitar playing and only arrangements.・ Please make sure to contact us after specifying your budget. -I will reply within a week, but if you do not receive a return from us, we apologize for the inconvenience but please contact us again.

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