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Drawing a character for a game :private

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Jp 日本語


My name is kemokamo.
The sentences written here use the translation function of the Internet.
I accept work from both individuals and businesses.

◆About illustration
I am good at drawing Moe-style illustrations in a cool and cute atmosphere.
I am good at human characters of around 5 to 20 years old.I can also draw a background if it is a natural object such as a tree or a flower or a simple building.
I can also draw humanoid characters with chibi characters and animal characteristics.
Elderly characters, machines and monsters can not be drawn well.
File format is JPEG or PNG.

◆Works that can be ordered
・Icons used in social media etc.
・Small illustrations used for novels and magazines
・Ornamental illustrations
・Character illustrations used in the game

◆Estimated price
One person, no background
Head shot JPY5000〜
Bust shot JPY8000〜
Waist shot JPY12000〜
Knee shot JPY15000〜
Full body shot JPY20000〜
With background +JPY10000〜

The above is just a guide.Due to the complexity of the motif and the addition of items, prices and delivery times may change.

◆Delivery date
・It takes about a week with one person, no background, or a simple background
・It takes about 10 days or more for one person, with background
If there is a large amount of drawing, it will take longer than the above, so please consult with a margin.

At the time of consultation, it will be easier to estimate if you can communicate the rough request contents and purpose of use, budget, delivery time, availability of actual results disclosure, and whether there is copyright transfer or not.

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There are no project which is permited to show here.


Character illustration, standing picture, icon


Sexual and excessive grotesque expressions can not be ordered (although minor wounds and bloody ones are possible). If you wish to transfer the copyright, you will be charged an amount that is 50 to 100% higher than the order fee (varies depending on usage, conditions, etc.).

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