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It is a publisher that issues English free papers. We do most of the work from advertisement production, editing, DTP, WEB development in-house. As a "TNB design" team, we will work on a wider range of projects based on the results of receiving requests for business cards, flyers, menus, and website creation from advertisers for many years. We will respond according to your budget from small maintenance of the website, update work to additional form of inquiry function and CGI function such as shopping cart, and site construction for smartphone newly. We also manage the management of social media such as e-booking of paper media, e-commerce sites for foreign countries, and TripAdvisor.

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Together with graphic designers, editorial staff, DTP designers, web engineers, and translation staff, they simultaneously create various promotional tools that share design and concepts, enabling time savings and budget reductions. <Comment> [Business card + shop card + WEB site] opening of a store, start-up pack ¥ 30,000 ~ Please feel free to contact customers of individual owners.


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