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One A4-sized color illustration :JPY30,000

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Jp 日本語
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I am good at illustrations reflecting the world view, historical view, historical fact etc. since it is an eager nature as well as character design such as novels, character figures and character figures. Please leave color scheme as well. You can paint patterns for games, real touch designs, and images for girls. I have an educational background and a global spirit so I can draw illustrations incorporating overseas culture etc. Especially for clothing, we make it from cloth pattern paper etc, so we can design with realistic three-dimensional feeling. From character design to gaming, illustration of novel, etc. I am waiting for the request of the illustration in general. Although it depends on the content, it will be a request fee from the estimated 50,000 yen. Please feel free to contact us for delivery etc.

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Cover of novel, illustration, character design, illustration in general


Small, medium and high school all ordinary course graduated from Russian language university in March 2015 April graduate school Russian literature entrance admission 2018 year completion of the same school

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