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One Logo Design :JPY8,000

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I live in a country country in France. I studied commercial graphic design for three years at a school called Autograf in Paris. LINE stamp and illustration creation with stock photo, I was fine between parenting, but I learned that there is such a service on the Internet, I thought that I wish I could work in Japan, etc. Register I was allowed to. Because I live abroad, there may be times when I can not reply at once, thank you very much.

  • Creator ID:20589
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:11year(s)
  • Area:France
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  • ロゴの色塗り


    Fee: JPY27,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2018.02.02 Terms: 12日

    Client: 個人(Employee)

    ● Purpose / Overview of requesting a logo design: (Details as much as possible) I want you to paint the color of the logo to be painted on the body of the bicycle ● Image of the desired logo: The desi...

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An illustration


2012 Autograf (France, paris) BTS communication visuelle option multimédia Graduation International Bachelor in Graphic Design / Multimédia Awarded 2013 Alliance Francaise Rouen pamphlet Making Festival japonais "HANAMI" (rouen) Poster in charge 2014 Festival japonais "HANAMI" (rouen) Responsible

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