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One product design image(Single point of view) :JPY3,000

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As a free designer, we have been working mainly on textiles related to apparel. In addition, I got a wide range of technical illustrations such as drawings of plastic models, package design etc. The software used is mainly Photoshop and Illustrator, but we also use pretty maniac software. The difference from the other creators is that we are using software dedicated to apparel and it is possible to draw illustration showing the texture of clothes . Since it is originally a textile designer, Illustrations that print patterns and textures of dyed checks are good fields. Also, I have drawn technical illustrations for many years, so I am good at illustrations of cars and others.

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  • Career:19year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Textile design, Illustration general, Package


1991 Joined Sumen Shoji Co., Ltd. as a textile designer for men 's men' s apparel. Leaving the company in 2000 and working as a freelance instructor, he will be a lecturer at the dress maker 's academy but will close the contract in February 2018. Mainly drawing on textiles related to apparel (floral prints, paisley etc. of prints, etc.) as well as drawing of the model of the Gundam series. Draw a race horse Deep Impact's retirement memorial T - shirt, Fujikyu Highland attraction, yeah not T - shirt design etc etc.


Technical illustration is available from 1 cut 3000 yen

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