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I have been working in both editorial design and graphic design. Therefore, it can correspond not only to the production of magazines and books but also all kinds of tools such as DM, flyer, brochure, poster, signboard production from various business cards. Moreover, we aim for proposal of plus α which is more than requested to client. We will do our utmost to improve the quality of your business by continuing to challenge for higher quality of design and to be a force for further contributing to society.

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Various magazine production universities, vocational schools and other educational institution pamphlets Production of various SP tools such as house makers tourism guidance, company brochure production


· Design production of SP tool such as house maker · Design and production of university, vocational school, preparatory school entry guidance · Student recruitment for DM · design · production of DM · design production of municipalities such as the East Japan great earthquake record magazine · production by a post office Designing and producing pamphlets for sales and service pamphlets · Designing production of housing information magazines · Designing and producing marriage information magazines · Designing and producing tourism event information magazines · Designing and producing information magazines for seniors · Designing production of tourism information magazines · Others, various magazine advertisements Design production · Design creation of tabloid free paper etc · Design creation of DC campaign pamphlet by JR East · Design creation of pamphlets such as corporate information, company newsletter, construction performance · Other, company CI, various business cards, DM, leaflet, pamphlet, Poster, store display, 看Design production and various home design production, such as


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