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On-Site Photo Shoot 1 hour :JPY35,000

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Received in the Center with indoor and outdoor portrait shots, but usually we product photography for Web.
Beach Weddings (before shot,) and also we received. We also received sports shooting.

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    Fee: JPY20,000 (Tax Included) Completed Date: 2016.12.26 Terms: 4日

    Client: 有限会社クリエイティブハウスポケット(グラフィックデザイン)

    12/22 (Thursday) 18:00 ~ I 21:00 3 hours, do the company's year-end party, want to thank paid photo atmosphere. Shop at an Irish pub kennys is kinda dark interior atmosphere. Sorry for the short notic...

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People and Portrait Photography,Interview Photography,Product Phot ography,Fashion Photography,Landscape Photography


Soccer King, SAMURAI soccer King, Royal Kaira Wedding, Amazon, Rakuten stores shops, businesses, facilities, corporate events, parties, etc.

Work location

Comment: 交通費は別途実費のお支払いをお願いします 交通費別途であれば遠方もお受けできます

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Small Photo Studio suitable for small product photography

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