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I like old things rather than new things. Smells of old woody furniture, styles of old life, ... and so on. Old things and atmosphere bring me kind of relief. When I start drawing with a sheet of blank paper, in a way I am searching an inner space in which I can be relieved, referring to my vague memories of very young childhood.

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  • Career:22year(s)
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Retro illustrations (using Japanese watercolor, Indian ink, etc.)


* Member of Japan illustrators Association (JIA).
  ★ Japan Columbia
    CD jacket design
  ★ magazine House
    Corner of MOOK horoscope and Chinese Astrology (all 14 pages)
  ★ music website-song page design
  ★ Group exhibition
    "Japanese exhibition' (Gallery in Ginza)
  ★ Firstdesign
   Cigarette packages for women and tobacco product design competition-15th place


A respected writer Fukiya-Rainbow children said. Pace analog human life master and enlist the cat is. Even if slight, even my work from the heart is happy if people who say it's like the. But the piece can enjoy myself more than anything else. I think it's very important.
Till life is done have been picturing Yuki wants to. Furthermore, truly sorry, to work document the computer work, the policy. Is affected by your suggestion, why don't you draw once in a while using software such as illustration only me is going to say anything to other writers who like any policy or there as individuals have a paintbrush and illustrations done with dirty hands on art supplies what we think. When finished work you capture using the PC, and defects in color slightly modified only when we are. Please kindly.

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