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One page cartoon :JPY3,000

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Jp 日本語

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Draw cute girls or boys, gals-ish child, child with weapons, etc. are good at. Also on work such as logo design using a calligraphy calligraphy teacher qualifications so we are seeking. Thank you in advance.

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  • Gender:Female
  • Age:private
  • Career:private
  • Area:Japan
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Manga, 4 frames, YouTube cartoon, advertising cartoon, advertising, LP


244 Lala manga House Scout course best 30 prize winners
Japan anime and manga college student Calligraphy higher of normal acquisition


* We are currently offering a service at a low price in order to create our achievements. Draw YouTube manga, LP manga, other story manga just for you, 4-frame manga, etc.! First of all, when purchasing, please contact us for quotation / customization or by message. Please prepare a scenario when you consult with us. (In the case of story manga, we may be able to prepare it, consultation is required) ✲ * ゜ Fee ✲ * ゜ YouTube manga → (1-2 frames) 1000 / page If there are 3 or more frames, 1 frame + 500 yen will be charged. * The background will be simple. LP manga, A4 manga, etc. → 3000 yen per page (6 frames, +500 yen per frame for 7 or more frames) 4 manga → 4000 yen per page ✲ * ゜ Delivery time ✲ * ゜YouTube manga → 20 pages from 10 days (consultation required) LP manga, story manga → (consultation required) 4 frames → 4 pages for 7 days (consultation required) ✲ * ゜ Resolution, size, delivery file format ✲ * ゜250-350dpi for each color and monochrome (consultation required) Sizes are available on a case-by-case basis. Delivery file format is png, jpg, psd ✲ * ゜ Transaction flow ✲ * ゜ ① Consultation for estimate ② Character design according to the scenario ③ Main story rough (Rough proposal is free up to once) ④ Please check pages 1 to 3 for a clean copy. If there is no atmosphere, painting, or other corrections, submit the finished product to the fair copy and check it. Simple corrections are free up to 2 times, and major corrections require an additional charge. ⑥ Delivery of finished products ─────────────────────────────────────── However, please fill in here when purchasing or consulting. 《Hearing sheet for request》 ①Usage ②Scenario / instruction sharing URL: ③Requester management or quality reference URL (or image): ④Budget: ⑤Requested delivery date: ⑥Character setting: ⑦ Format: ⑧ Size: ⑨ Approximate number of pages

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