Notation based on the SCTA of Japan

In the first design, you can explicitly as follows based on the (advertising for mail order) "Act on Specified Commercial Transactions" Article 11.


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Operation director

God parts Noriyuki


Bank transfer
Credit-card transactions
Payment Convenience

Delivery time of the product

After payment of the fee, obligation and creative Company to deliver the specified artifacts immediately occurs.
(After payment is confirmed, I will deliver by the date agreed with the specified creator.)

Expenses other than commodity price

If ... transfer fee of bank transfer
It is included in the ... commodity price (in the case, including the delivery of goods) Shipping

Replacement return policy · Contact

In the first design, so we have to deliver data by such tailor-made from our customers, we can not receive replacement cancellation, returned goods, and Contact.

Support Team

Please feel free to contact us for further assistance including Specialist selection.

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