Privacy Policy

F-Pratt Co., Ltd. is committed to protecting personal information As we operate 'First Design' (hereinafter referred to as the Site), and who provided from everyone you use to comply with the following matters (hereinafter referred to as personal information) of You.

  1. Personal information, I will properly managed so that there is no unauthorized access, loss, theft is.
  2. Personal information is used only within the following range.
    • Telephone, e-mail, FAX, by mail, and sending of guidance, contact the service available on
    • Sending of documents service operational
    • Support inquiries, for consultation
  3. The disclosure to a third party unless the consent of the person in question, personal information does not do any offer. However, if you have the consent of the person in question, and this does not apply if the disclosure is required by the request of the government or law.
  4. Confirmation of personal information, correction, deletion until first design officeIf you can ask, you can respond promptly.

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