We have discontinued to provide Contest for professional creators suffer from the Spec Work.

> The reason to discontinue Contest function

What's Contest?

Holding a Contest enables you to receive many artworks from Creators and select an artwork(s) to buy.

  • 1. Post your requestInput specifications of artwork, prize, and number of artworks you are going to adopt.
  • 2. Send your contest info to CreatorsWe check your request and notify Creators who has related skill with your contest.
  • 3. Select a artwork(s) to buyCompare submitted artworks and select an artwork(s)
When Should I use it?

When you want to make an offer after actually checking artworks.

It's good when you feel that [I may not be able to receive what exactly I want.]. On Contest, you can select which artwork you adopt after you check many artworks which is made by Creators exclusively for you. You don't need to pay anything if you liked no artwork, when you don't guarantee to paying the prize. (When you guarantee prize, quality and amount of artwork will be expectedly raise up.)

When you want to source many artworks in short term.

The Contest is useful for sourcing many illustrations of same theme such as game items or icons. For example, you can require rough illustrations on the Contest and adopt only artworks you liked and make an offer to them.

When you want to have a brand new idea.

Each Creators on Skillots has different skills and experiences. If you don't specify too much details on your Contest, Creators will surprize you with their various idea and expressions.

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