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SD character icon request

JPY20,000 (Tax Included)
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Proposed rough draft to the original hearing in the case notes, project rooms
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Further hearings and deliver data in a specified format
About The Creator
Very satisfied good good good good good
This is the second request, but a very nice, hope also create a nice piece than they had expected. Future review requests.
評価 提案力:5 コミュニケーション力:5 納品物の満足度:5 納期の正確さ:5 対応の早さ:5
About Skillots
Very satisfied good good good good good
System is also easy to use, we will use this time.
Project Detail


JPY20,000 (Tax Included)

Completed Date




Job Category

MOE illustration

Required Data

300pixe 正方形度 (PING) 以上

Usage of
the Illustration

Use icon image for dialogue between characters in the blog

Copyright Terms

Copyright belongs to the artist and the Client is permitted to use the Deliverables
Use-by date:not specified
Use for:not specified

Project Detail

Always very becoming indebted.

For the great works you have previously created NOMO-like, up to this time we again ask us.
This created a thank you want to last as well as SD anime icon's a

Character count is two, expression [usually-lol-crying-mad-surprised] of each 5 pattern to create the Government want to think ( in would draw a character who キャラ like a plush toy is 1 character, so difficult are not )

I think last as well as drawing, surprise mark, mark crying etc just us, especially without the need, background etc.
Would it be possible that you created in as little as 10-15 days, this time a little bit and delivery?

Budget is the last time we have gotten is a little increase.

MONO also hectic, so rates charged more than draws a as a condition of the delivery times below. ・no need us writing multiple pattern with one like a capped presented during the last rough look.
1 pattern is fine for one look at rough point.

Also not going to ask for hotfix requests unless very different images (same level).

* Formal orders to practise session time will be sent out images of the game in the.
Can study in the content of this sorry, but like, thank you.

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