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Character illustrations of models

JPY15,000 (Tax Included)
Completed Date


Swingers joint company business(Information service industry)Jp


Satoshi Yamada Jp
Japan (Individual) Male private Offered Projects:850
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Flow of the project
Proposed rough draft to the original hearing in the case notes, project rooms
Further hearings and deliver data in a specified format
About The Creator
Very satisfied good good good good good
From Raph's quite high accuracy, I was surprised. Or fix up the finer points, various suggestions, and am very happy.
評価 提案力:5 コミュニケーション力:5 納品物の満足度:5 納期の正確さ:5 対応の早さ:5
About Skillots
Very satisfied good good good good good
I thought easier to interact with the creators, it's very good service.
Project Detail


JPY15,000 (Tax Included)

Completed Date




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Required Data

From postcard sized clean print RES

Usage of
the Illustration

You want to use in home and business brochure

Copyright Terms

Transfer copyright to the Client

Project Detail

We believe in the newly established company representatives as a model character, illustrations of Government, want to post company home page or business brochure.

What changed outfits and pose in the same character this time is 1 point, but with the development of our please add I believe we can.


Gender: neutral (which can take men and women feel at)
Hair is the asymmetry of the left elbow, right short black straight in.
On the left is a length up to about waist waistline (Dragon Princess black flame dance much)

Right is a short to the ear on the long ( goddess she much )
T: 177 cm (+ boots, heel minutes)


No, tattoos etc.

[Clothing and posing]
Elegant, contoured, hair and cloth dancing images

(Greeting illustration image: secondary creative heroine attracted Ryukyuan demon, Dragon Princess black flame dances, Mermaid Princess)
[Painting] Atmosphere plus the color black paintings such as solid black or Rize sword daughter wind

Message to
the Creator

Mr. Yamada illustrated so far and want a picture of impact homepage in the newly established company was looking for a look at want to thank drew and I gave us. Illustration requests may be mismanaged, for the first time since please please pay attention.
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