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Creating the illustrations for this story. ⇒ use banking suddenly stopped! Introduction to cause another revival and alternative!

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If banking is suddenly unavailable. is the reduction method, article also explains alternative. T...


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Further hearings, and respond to modification requests, we deliver the data in a specified format.
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-To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed)

For article illustration attached!.

But hey, there's what?

Character is male or female is OK.
It is a banking card of Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ.

Articles that if you suddenly stop using it causes and remedies.

♦ first point
In the illustration card suspension, and disappointed.

Furthermore, are on the attached image, refer to.

♦ the second point

In the illustration is a part 1 just was outside the handling time of the ATM card is not available.

♦ the third point

Due to magnetic card part 2.

In the illustration in magnetic card the card is not available.

♦ Fourth

The order had caused the long-overdue more than two months.

Illustration card is stopped for a long overdue more than two months ' financial accident '

♦ Fifth

For a short-term detention. Just a few days!

In illustrations of not feeling satisfied and.

In the speech bubble "just a few days to..." and may have put.

♦ Sixth

For repeated Act also borrow and repay the borrowed amount

I have an image that pulls money from an ATM.

Not thought to himself what is the problem, is in the atmosphere, such as sitting with the look of the room.

♦ 7 points

For caught in a developing credit for periodic review.

It is better illustrated with seesaw.

That left plenty of loans, such as mortgages, car loans, and borrowing from other companies, and image.

The illustration image of the income to the right.

I have an image heavy left on the seesaw, has fallen.

♦ 8 first

Trapped in the screening criteria was changed to developing credit for What!?

I'm not listening-.-that make illustrations look irritated surprise, isn't it?.

♦ 9 points

Due to increased application that got caught on the examination on reverse.

In the illustration, such as discouraging on knees have failure notification. -Other comment to the creator:
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