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Create a promise of borrowing down for an article illustration (up seven points)

7 days
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And using the promise one day suddenly, borrowing be able to. This time for people like that, ...


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Flow of the project
Hearing in the project room presents design proposal based on
OK drawing as soon as went into the paint, we deliver the data in a specified format.
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Very satisfied good good good good good
We had created the illustrations used to explain the resurrection for causing the card for those who post this time as well as stiffer suspension has become.

(We promise) Loans company depends on somewhat, is the reason for the suspension is hope for that area.
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Very satisfied good good good good good
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7 days

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Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights)

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-To create the illustration purpose / description:
ACOM pattern the same as.

This is the color.

Because of potential and keeping the same illustrations, however, from the point of view of the original estimated negative on Google (duplicate content), in the promise version we would like to. I think specifically to girl characters, also changed a little illustration, you want to expand.

Please do not stand character too same like when you include characters.

-Output file specification:

There is no problem if width 1200 px or so.

♦ details
Here is the article.

Because seven reasons for card stop it at one point total is 7 points.

What is the reason for suspension is slightly different and ACOM.
Cause-part 1...

More than two months overdue and critical credit accident

I have put the word "blacklist" appeared on the blacklist is important because it is good.
Cause-part 2...

In the promise of short-term detention has gone repeatedly

It looks postcard during the withdrawal could not be mobile even kreca such payment, please come and I think it has to feel good.

Postcard size and attentive to the "promise" that wording is easy to understand and put the terms of repayment, please.
-Due to its 3.

Third-party payments made repeated short-term detention

I hope you feel is similar as above, but different versions and different work.
-Due to its 4.

For the loan amount exceeds 1/3 of salary (due to the total pollutant load control)

It is the different versions of the figures.
Cause-part 5...

Are seen as undesirable activity promise to I repeat the last short-term borrowing.
And it almost the same purpose.

Picture been withdrawals at ATMS. Such pattern is OK.

And let me just the right on "reputation" and you want to get.
-Due to its 6.

Refused to submit a certificate of income

It is like the last.
-Due to its 7.

Changes, such as home address and current employer still report that caught for It is a similar feel to last time ever.
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