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ACOM borrowing stop for article illustration (up to 8 points) created

Creator:Anima Jp
Client:H. M consulting is co., Ltd(Website Production) Jp

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Delivery work

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Very satisfied: good good good good good
評価 提案力:5 コミュニケーション力:5 納品物の満足度:5 納期の正確さ:5 対応の早さ:5

We have drawn the illustrations can represent the content of the article very good. Take a look at continue reading we want to.

About Skillots

Very satisfied: good good good good good
It is a very good service. We decided that's skirts, as good writers, but that some other illustration projects.

The description of the products and services

ACOM becomes not borrowing quickly and become a reason for stopping the need to meet the article.

Limit was still supposed to suddenly stop using....

Investigate the cause directly asking the ACOM and ACOM experience person to interview.
Offer alternative methods associated with each reason, BTW, because he had limited amount of resurrection and resurrection is introduced.

Project Detail


Completed Date:2016.10.21


Job Category:Illustrations

Copyright Terms Transfer copyright to the Client(The Artist will NOT exercise her/his moral rights) Project Detail Price for how good? Would it be possible, imitating the character of the site and write that? (Good??

-To create the illustration purpose / summary: (detailed)
Will be used in this article.

Think like dedicated illustration 1, eight have cause to stop borrowing, whereas causes eight.
 -Output file specification:
 File format: leave
 Size and specifications: width 1200 about if it is OK

Number: there is the possibility to increase or decrease is up 8 points

♦ illustrations direction

Site no discomfort in OK.

It is best if the illustrations represent the situation accurately.
Was carried out, the figures were better than the situation is easier to imagine.

Imitating the character on the site use it if at all possible, in "Casa", write me and maybe it is better. All illustrations are inserted at the of the article. (Here!

The position)
Cause 1.

Magnetic power

The expectation of the Resurrection: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (10/10)
⇒ here!


It is under the revived expectations.
I think you know sense each illustration is a look at the article.

Is difficult to understand if you take a look at the questions!

♦ first point magnetic power

You know the situation is if you look at the article, I think.

♦ second ATM instruction hours
This is a useless description!

I would want to look at the article.

♦ again on the third additional borrowing the credit loss

Countrary, can well image scene declined credit debt that many times, that would be helpful.

♦ Fourth short-term arrears and payment delays caused repeated credit is reduced

It is a scene that has repeated short-term arrears and payment delays.

♦ order which is contrary to the fifth point limit or infringe a

It is called upon more than one-third of the salary.

Illustrations chart life-size 大ぐrai of character writing, beyond the one-third of the line, such as discouraging to you?

♦ had increased 6 points of caching available for

♦ for ignoring 7 second income certificate ♦ change about 8 second home or work, phone number, family structure, income less that reach caught for

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