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New products ' thank you for three U.S. (zanmai) ' of product comparison description

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Cherry-ayano Jp
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Everything is top-rated. I also would like to ask again, but seems too popular.
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16 days

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Cartoon production

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Our upcoming new items ' thank you for three U.S. ' draw a cartoon to show. Package design is currently under construction.
Within 30 days is going to be decided. Leave a number of cartoon frames.
Upto A4 size one piece to fit travellers.
"Thanks for the three U.S. ' goal is that people believe they understand and want to try.

"Thanks for the three U.S. ' to introduce the famous still appeared in us 'Dragon eyes' and 'Silver Chem.' is essential.
Note: avoid trademark infringement the following wording as an annotation display is required.
"Dragon eyes" is a registered trademark-eyed Dragon co., Ltd.
Joint company 真nn丸 ya registered trademark is "Silver Chem."

"Thank you for three U.S. ' are are registered trademarks of the company relax
-- - - - - - - - - - - Brand Brown eyes of the Dragon history - - - - - - - - - - - --
1 rice varieties life's, numerous award-winning rice contest

Brand has become famous as the eyes of the Dragon (Inc. Dragon eyes own trademark rights) are
And left the dragon eye production association from leading growers 11/2012 the contest winning

Brands we start afresh as a 'Silver Chem."(the joint company 真nn丸 shop owned by trademark rights).
Co., relax, 0/2015 production since 'dragon eye production Union to secede and become a

Brand ' thank you for three U.S. ' (relaxation co., Ltd. owned trademark rights), is scheduled for a fresh start.
Leaving the 9 years from 0/2006 up to 26 years of rice cultivar life 1 in the glorious in the rice contest results

Are always winning brands famous and now the Dragon eyes should be fixed.
8 times winner Tatsuki Kobayashi (Silver 朏);
4 times winner rich Bum's (thank you for three U.S.).
Four times winner of Soga, Yasuhiro (Silver Chem.) says.
Two times winner Wani of Dennis (Silver 朏).
Suzuki wins award (Shizuoka Prefecture from Dragon eyes). 2.

Other winners of one silver Chem. 5 name, Shizuoka Prefecture from dragon eye 4, Gifu Prefecture from Dragon eyes 2.
Jaw-dropping facts!

Are regular winners of top 3 'Silver Chem.' and ' thanks for the three U.S. '
First of all want to understand the consumer
Rice = "1 life" that the eyes of the Dragon
Rice = "1 life" Chem. Silver
Rice = "1 life" that ' thank you for three U.S. "

Production and how to make and taste is different
Also, to protect the brilliant achievements of the rice cultivar life 1

Future brand as Niigata Prefecture, ' thanks for the three U.S. ' decided to expand.

Below for reference * *.

↓ ↓ ↓ originated in Gifu Prefecture from Dragon eyes (´ д. ' ll) are supposed to be ↓ ↓ ↓
National rice-eating quality analysis expert competition
0/2006 comprehensive Golden prize Soga NET:
0/2007 breed another Division Gold Medal just farm
0/2008 breed by Division Gold Medal Kobayashi Tatsuki.
  Kazuhito 0/2009 uses another prize of WTF

1 life, hatsusimo, Ishikari, KAGUYA Hime Prize kamihori Masaya (dragon eye production Union)
In Japan you choose delicious rice competition
0/2007 Tatsuki Kobayashi Excellence Award.
      0/2008 Wani Kazuhiro award.
      Suzuki Prize (Shizuoka)
Blue chip award Tatsuki Kobayashi
0/2009 Award Kubo, counter.
     0/2010 Tatsuki Kobayashi Excellence Award.
     Award Yoshioka Hiroshi Akira
     Award Soga Yasuhiro
     Suzuki Prize (Shizuoka)
Takasugi Prize (Shizuoka)
     0/2011 Prize winning Tatsuki Kobayashi
Prize winning Kubo toyonori
     0/2012 Award for Soga Yasuhiro.
     Terada Prize (Shizuoka)
     Blue chip award Tatsuki Kobayashi
Prize winning futahashi (Shizuoka)
     0/2013 Kubo toyonori excellence Gold Award.
     Excellence Prize kumazaki shosaku
     Gold Tatsuki Kobayashi

Sugiyama Prize (Shizuoka)
Rice-1 Grand Prix
     0/2012 Grand Prix Soga Yasuhiro.
Grand Prix Soga, Yumi
     2004 25 years winning Kubo toyonori
Prize winning Imai Takashi (dragon eye production Union)
0/2014 winning Kobayashi our tree rice ranks. 2007 26-year winners Soga Yasuhiro
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