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I'm Kashiwagi Ren, a illustrator and a designer.
I mainly take offers of illustrations, animations, character design.

My profession is drawing illustrations of cute Moe-style girls, pop deformed characters(Short characters).
I can draw wide variety of illustration style, such as shiny CG, watercolor and oil painting like picture books.
I can deliver in vector format such as swf, ai.
I will accept no matter men's or women's,

Since I have experiences in WEB designing, DTP, logo designing, I await for your offer along with characters.

Copyright terms and fees are related as following;
Low price "Artist keeps copyright" < "Artist keeps copyright and Artist doesn't provide the work to other clients" <<< "Artist assigns a copyright to client" <<<<< "Artist assigns a copyright to client and doesn't exercise the moral rights of author" High Price

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Cute / Background / POP / Moe / Manga / Four frame comic strip / FLASH / CG / Men's / Women's / Animals / Fantasy / Dotted illustrations / Animation / WEB design / SD / Mascot / DTP / Flier / Leaflet / Watercolor / Oil painting / Candy / Foods


--Award History--
- Top Award on "Jump novel new face award" by Syueisha Inc.
- Won honorable mention on "Cobalt illustration award" by Syueisha Inc.
- At a competition, character illustration has been accepted and product developing is under its way.

--Offered History--
- Syueisha Inc.: Illustration production
- Eagle Publishing Inc.: Illustration production
- Illustrations for a novel and its cover from a publishing firm
- A design firm: Character visual design, rough design of face of a game machine board
- A game machine design and manufacturing company: Path drawing, effect, movie, texture, patterns, etc. from
- A gaming company: Animation avatar production
- B gaming company: Illustrations, icons, Manga
- Nijibox, Inc.: Logo design, dotted illustrations
- Flash parts for a pet growing app "Petiller Eto beta ver." in pet growing mixi app "Petit Angel" & "Red Fire Solentia"
- A public office: Illustrations for travel guidebook and website
- A sports related company: Logo design
- An individual: Visual designs for game app for iPhone, visual designs for PC game, illustrations for a card game, illustrations for a picture book, flier for a concert, animation, etc.

--Exhibition History--
- Preparing for personal exhibition in Paris, France
- Preparing for work presentation in London, UK


The showing fee is just an example and it depends on requested size, style, copyright terms.

I accept offers from both companies and individuals.
Please feel free to ask me about fun-fiction books, fun-fiction novels, fun-fiction products, fun-fiction CDs, voice drama, PBW, TRPG, etc..

Since I can edit movies by After Effects, Flash, Premiere Pro, I can take offers of PV production for music.



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