Nice to meet you.
My name is Nagayama did.
From the realistic touch magazine for youth up to touch for the journals Journal of boy and girl

Will respond broadly.

Delivery formats and rates, please feel free to consult.
The produced pages of comic questions, if you have any
The airport had I see cartoon of instructions such as

Approximate number of pages presented in the subject.
Will be in the above warranty

This consultation feel free to and appreciated.

Consider, please thank you.
* Name produced only (1P1500 ¥ ~) is also available. Also feel free to consult.

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  • Age:34y.o.
  • Career:9year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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  • オリジナルトートバッグを作りましょう(ネーム)


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.07.14 Terms: 59日

    Client: System Engineer, Programmer

    Please produce manga scheduled to be posted on the original goods production service introduction site until the name stage. This work prioritizes spreading the enjoyment of making original goods rath...

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  • IDEA


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 16.Jun.2015 Terms: 199日

    Client: Yamato Digital(Entertainment-related industries)

    Hi Taka San...our next Project...5 Pictures !!!

    The same picture size...the same Lady...The Lady wears a Business Suite...

    1. Pic. The lady walks with the "I" of IDEA...

    2. Pic. The Lady si...

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  • 『エアプラ」漫画製作依頼


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2015.03.18 Terms: 38日

    Client: 株式会社愛媛企画(Advertising & Marketing)

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  • Only 90 seconds

    Only 90 seconds

    Fee: Private Completed Date: 24.Jun.2014 Terms: 56日

    Client: Yamato Digital(Entertainment-related industries)

    私たち standartsize webside - スライダーは 2080 x 640 写真のサイズを構成する必要があります。あなたのサンプルにあなたのイメージの 16、3 の picure スタイル私たちを好む実際にプロジェクトのため。画像のコンテンツ: 彼女を彼女の指で指しているビジネスの女性の時計し、マーケティングのビデオがその内容を説明する 90 秒だけを宣言します。

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  • 合唱団団員募集チラシのメインイラスト及びミニ漫画


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.11.09 Terms: 67日

    Client: 合唱団みなも(私設合唱団)

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  • ドレスの委託レンタルの解説マンガ


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2013.04.21 Terms: 33日

    Client: 個人(パーティドレスのネットレンタル)

    We are creating a website for rental dresses and thinking about how to rent out dresses and dresses that are sleeping in the closet of the general public, as a way to collect dresses. There is a remun...

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  • 激痛.comのイメージキャラクターを使ったWebマンガの続き (11-08-03B) のネーム制作

    激痛.comのイメージキャラクターを使ったWebマンガの続き (11-08-03B) のネーム制作

    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2012.07.27 Terms: 22日

    Client: 個人(個人)

    I plan to produce a continuation of web comic books using intense pain .com 's image character, but from the tentatively I thought that I would like to try out the way to make the stages separately. T...

    [See more]

  • 金子鴎亭の歴史


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2012.07.19 Terms: 229日

    Client: (有)書作(競書雑誌出版)

    I would like to introduce episodes of the young days of the founder Kaneko Seigatei (calligrapher, recipient of the Order of Culture) within a competition magazine for our children (a magazine certify...

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Cartoon, caricature, illustration


■ for manga produced results 2010 from below, including orders from 85 or so.

Also other orders of the illustration, caricature production multiple.
2010 ~ Newspaper cartoon in irregular series 2011 medical manga series by major pharmaceutical companies like doctor-friendly HP 2012, Gakken 'introduction to comics-friendly learn Chinese' in magazines charge an auction book "written by' in 500 times autobiographical writing published commemorative Kaneko apgujeong 2013 Foundation from publishing manga for history [1] in cartoons by Discover "motivated and smiling successful restaurant 'praise sheet' in comics by ■ other 2005 in weekly shonen Sunday by comic Award 2006 comic specialty school night, completed 2008-2011 cartoonist Assistant business


Many still work forward to. Best regards.

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