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I believe that until now has been writing painting as a hobby from this work want to please.
BLTL cartoon is available as a Center.

18 cartoon desire for production. No commercial experience, but we continue to dvdrip 7 years.
Everything is BL, but in the meantime,
Novel cover
Novel illustrations
Short comic (up to 48 p)
Feature-length cartoons

Toy design
Such as experience, was commercialized. Like one-size-fits-all picture may be different, but the novice as in believe I wrote can be satisfied, such as painting.

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BL cover BL illustrations BL manga TL/GL adult comic book covers and illustrations


(Do not give up copyright) banned homebrew said,
And please let us know when it comes to commercial use, anywhere in your

-May be to use as a promotional sample of productions
R works are put in different categories, so does not offer is here.
No body / fix 1 / background

2000 × 2000 color 350 dpi JPEG/PNG delivery will be.

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