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One character (Single point of view) :JPY43,000

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Jp 日本語


Your profile, please thank you.
Animation speed confidence even what to say.

Currently, all we in the PC.
A "clear and simple" in the picture,

From kids to adults familiar with our aims.
The recent advertising, publishing and Family & child care goods and animals of many requests have received.

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  • Career:27year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Colorful illustrations and cute illustrations and advertising cartoon / story cartoon / parenting and child-friendly cartoon


In 1991, made his debut in futabasha game comic.

Then she has produced cartoon games for Enix, Enterbrain, Ohzora publishing, animation, pet, etc..
Main job career-in the series released for a 21 month games in Famitsu Dori DS+wii (published by Enterbrain) comic. -Book ' animal forest printing village diary (published by futabasha) "Matsuyama ripening by-ad series results 2007" reset! -Tobacco useless paradise ' (published by visions winter Hall) manga by 2008, comics & illustrations by AIRPORT MAGAZINE (Asahi Shimbun) ANA campaign ad page by 'children English speaks for itself"(General Law publishing) ' children science and technology white paper 9, Department of science and technology Wonderland welcome" Ministry of education manga by amae understand manga rules (General Law publishing) manga by 2009 ' fun meal and lively Life! "(Chuo-ku, Tokyo) food education pamphlet comics & illustrations by January 9 drama" lead role! (2 Times) "(Fuji TV) drew a cartoon child care was used in the movie


It is currently living in Tokyo, so

You let me direct meetings are available.
Short delivery times, turned to the other writer's deal Come again please.

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