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Jp 日本語



Please thank you.
Request illustrations illustrations for games and take care of our.
Also background on the cover, such as comic books, including the color Assistant help you.
It is good taste-conscious MoE manga series.
For monster from the little girl. (Monster diplomat women such as integrating women and most are good at!

It is possible to consult, to meet production. Please feel free to contact us.

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Illustrations for the game (one picture stand picture, still)


"Lost crusade" game for illustration Ltd. / Square Enix, Inc. D2C
Royal Flush he rose game for illustration / cyberagent Inc.
Dungeon exploration Dragon Princess game for illustration / Corporation
Uniform ★ phantasia lead Cara (koschild) design a card for illustrations and co., Ltd. nizhbox
ARC Knight ZERO game for illustration / istpika Co Ltd
"Pairatesgirls" game for illustration and NHN PlayArt, Inc.
"Samurai soul Aksa" game for illustrations and production co., Ltd.
"Samurai warrior princess MURAMASA" game for illustration / Silicon Studio Corporation
Goddess Kingdom game for illustration / Yamaha Music media, Inc.
"The fight! travel Monster" Monster illustrations / co., Ltd. dunkharts

"Fantasia on bonds' / Corporation Akatsuki characters, creatures, items, etc. In addition, many private projects

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