Draw illustrations and cartoons. Thank you.

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  • 乙女向けイラスト案件


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.06.21 Terms: 26日

    Client: 個人(Self-Employed)

    ● Purpose of creating illustrations / overview: Illustrations to use for package illustration of same-person voice work for girls (DL sale / CD sale etc.) thank you. · Cacti (male from youth businessm...

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  • 乙女向けイラスト


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.06.18 Terms: 23日

    Client: 個人(Self-Employed)

    -To create the illustration purpose / description:

    Ask the illustrations used in the package illustration for girl dvdrip audio works (DL/CD sales, etc.).

    -Sunflower (a careless man joined the s...

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  • 乙女向け音声作品のイメージイラスト


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.05.26 Terms: 74日

    Client: 個人(Self-Employed)

    ● Purpose of creating illustration / overview: We are looking for illustration to use for package illustration of same-person voice work for girls (DL sale / CD sales etc.). It is an image of a gentle...

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  • ライトノベルの挿絵(モノクロ)


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2016.05.01 Terms: 151日

    Client: 個人(Other Occupation)

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  • ライトノベルの表紙イラスト(タイトル、著者名記入まで希望)


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2015.11.25 Terms: 50日

    Client: 個人(Other Occupation)

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  • モバイルサービスの紹介漫画


    Fee: Private Completed Date: 2015.08.14 Terms: 59日

    Client: 株式会社fonfun(System Development)

    Recruitment contents
     -Cartoon art purpose / summary: (detailed)
     Our mobile service (mobile official site) introduces comics like to create.

    Otome games and girls will hope the cartoon-like tast...

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Painting, illustration, watercolor, painting, cartoon


-2007 Oasis Corporation as learning Qu?
Top picture
-2010, Inc. youmedia like Rainbow flavors 3 held commemorative Hat PRI anthology comic 8 p
• 2014 co., Ltd Chocolop baroquenightyclipse (seven-point delivery).
2014: frontier works Inc. 3000 world avatars (9-point delivery).
• 2014, lexy Inc. STARS tenkai Palace till Noga (eight delivered).
• 2014 joint company drug music, Twilight ghost Kitan (five-point delivery). -2014 joint company frontier factory with you!
From opting Shii because I and stage (five-point delivery) -2014 from projectnanica co., Ltd. sound told (governing body) I bite!
(Scope of delivery 9 points)
• By 2015, co., Ltd Chocolop baroquenightyclipse (two delivered).
• 2015 lexy Inc. STARS SINN (delivery 1 point).
-2015 red Boo-Boo communications companies like HARU COMIC CITY20 brochure or two WINS true x Quince spread 1 p And there are other unpublished work

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