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One page cartoon :JPY15,000

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Jp 日本語

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Taking advantage of the editor's experience, Illustration centered on monochrome is being developed according to the sentences and projects of magazines and others. The style of the style is men's magazine style, one for women, the other for women, and a wide range of cartoon style, but the number of works is still small, but I think that you will experience various work from now and expand your own work.

  • Creator ID:21780
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:5year(s)
  • Area:Japan
  • Last Login:More than 3 months ago



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Magazine illustration, cartoon production, portrait, illustration, monochrome illustration, fashion illustration


988 · From Tokyo Metropolitan area. After experiencing magazine · web editor for 8 years, started the activity as an illustrator from 2014. I am developing illustrations mainly focusing on ballpoint pen / pencil monochrome.

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