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One page cartoon :private

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Jp 日本語



After working for a general company, I became independent as a cartoonist and illustrator. Illustrations of girls 'game series, girls' cartoons, TL manga, BL cartoon, 4 frames, report cartoons, and deformed characters can be produced. Cover of the novel I am thinking of doing work of drawing and illustration. However, please do not hesitate to consult other projects as well.

  • Creator ID:21354
  • Gender:private
  • Age:private
  • Career:11year(s)
  • Area:Japan
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Otome game illustration, cartoon for women, 4 frames, report cartoon


2007 Kodansha website "Michao!" (Currently closed) New Award Silver Award 2012 Alpha Police Co., Ltd. "Romance Typhoon" Series Cover Illustration 2014 NTT Solmare Co., Ltd. "Beethoven Virus" (Comicarize) All 14 episodes 2015 Co., Ltd. Johnson Co., Ltd. Rainy season campaign Manga / Character design for web advertisement 2016 NTT Solmare Co., Ltd. "Naked story that seniors are unbearable and I get caught" TL cartoon of all 8 episodes 2017 Mr. NTT Solmare, "I do not know anything, Mr. Takamori-san" TL Manga Total 3 stories 2017 ebookjapan Mr. "Coco is sweet and delicious" BL Manga 3 Talks 2017 ebookjapan Mr. " Short cake "BL cartoon all three stories February 2017 ~ Euprasuke entertainment entertainment information site" SPICE "on the 4th comic series" Kankeki-san "series 2017 years Electric Plus entertainment information Site "SPICE" in Shinkai Makototen illustrations cartoon report published irregularly (Ltd.) Shinchosha like magazine "nicola" illustrations cut other

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